Current Times. Longing Moments…

Current Times. Longing Moments…

Shall we ever be reunited with the world that once was-

Precious moments of accompanied laughter,

The bustling atmosphere of cafes-

Such bittersweet aroma of freshly brewed coffee-

Teasing…alluring…..the senses of human-kind.

An unplanned date-

Corn Kernels transforming into a buttery delight.

A flirtatious smile here-

Hands intertwined there-

Such a delicate dance.

Gatherings and laughter-

Friends reuniting-

After long moments apart.

Will these bittersweet memories-

Become a reality again?


Writers Block. You Sneaky Devil You.

Writers Block. You Sneaky Devil You.

You sneak around in the shadow of my thoughts-
Tip toeing ever so silently-
With those A grade military boots-
Shiny axe in hand.
Sensing a flicker of my creativity–
A devious smile upon a hollow face.
Heavy footed-
Squashing my sense of self.
No words escape.
Webs of vowels-
Attempt to save.
A heartless swing of your heavy axe
A–E–I–O–U….ever so effortlessly. 
You think you’re triumphant-
With those muddy boots and rusty axe in hand
Fool! I will show you triumphant.