“Spirit Vs. Ego” YouTube

“Spirit Vs. Ego” YouTube

A think tank of spirituality….

A think tank of spirituality….

I have a goal, to create a group where people from all across the world can come together in spirituality.

There is no denying it.

We have all had great struggles within the last couple of years.

In this group I hope everyone will feel like they belong as they walk up the path of spirituality.

If interested, please join below…


Sending you all, love, light and sage blessings.


astral plead

astral plead

If the clouds could whisper, upon thy cheek.

Etched memories of time reflect a rose tinted glare.

Shallow thought do quiver,

when storms brew with fear.

Chaos juggles north.

The mind glides east.

Voices heard, are twisted vines.



The third eye weeps.

These astral planes-

plead to be seen.

sculpted civilisation

sculpted civilisation

Chiselled sculptures-

cracked faces.

Crowded channels.

Fallen fragments-

of what was.

Occupied scenarios-

unsolicited control.

Foundations cracked.

Faded faces.

Fragmented times.

#5 Stream of conciousness

#5 Stream of conciousness

Chances are all questions won’t have answers. The finite knowledge us human have as a collective is extraordinary minimal. To that of the universes. Yes! I said universes. Surely and most certainly there is more than one. I lean towards the side of infinite.