#8? Stream of conciousness

#8? Stream of conciousness

Lakeside view, pelicans glide along the stillness of the water. Damp sea grass taints the delicate breeze. Little dog taps along, sniffing and snuffing questionable things. Clouds flow above, breaking every now and then to let the sun sneak through. Jet skis buzz whilst the boats do hum. Rolling hills ever varying shades of green. Sea birds squawk and squirm in-between their daily hunt. Lakeside view. Always a tantalising scene you be.

Natures Glimpse-Archive 12? 2013

Natures Glimpse-Archive 12? 2013

Sun rays seep through the canopies of the trees. As the lush green leaves sway elegantly dancing with the warm breeze.

The air is fresh without a taint of pollution, just the scent of gum leaves fills the air.

The birds whistle their song. A serenade to Mother Nature.

An array of butterflies tango with one another, flying from one flower to another.

The tranquil sound of a flowing creek echos through out, creating a peaceful ambiance. The water sparkles like a million diamonds as the sunlight warmly embraces it.

In the distance mountains sit upon the horizon, each one with their own unique earthly structure.

Amid-Archive #4 Dec. 2015

Amid-Archive #4 Dec. 2015

Whilst I walk upon the bushlands, twigs and dried leaves crackle beneath my feet, revealing the complex aroma of eucalyptus which prickles my nose amid this Australian morning.

Natures placid sounds caress my ear drums, for it is Mother Natures chorus admitting the stillness heard in each native animals unique tune.

I continue my stroll amid this Australian morning an enlightened old gum tree catches my eye. Etched spots of silver and khaki canvas throughout her trunk. A physical memory of all she the gum has seen.

Kookaburras laugh in synchronised glee, whilst they look across the horizon of everlasting bushlands. Amid this Australian morning.

Beach formalities…..

Beach formalities…..

Each step I take-

Sand caresses my feet-

Imprinting Mother Earth ever so briefly-

Whilst the tide gallops in.

The ocean breeze.

Always felt-

But never seen-

Entwines secrets into my tousled hair.

Salt and sand tango upon my my lips-

A comforting kiss.

From Mother Nature-

It shall be.