Parentless Pregnancy

Parentless Pregnancy

Pregnancy. A time of joy, excitement and anticipation in meeting your little one.

Although an empty void does carry along with me on this journey. The void of being parentless. A bittersweet voyage ahead, where the footsteps of my parents no longer walk beside me in this vast path of life.

As happiness elates me most of the time, the thoughts and dreams of sharing this next chapter of my life with my Mum and Dad is vapour. Slipping through my fingers. Attempting to catch the uncatchable.

The joy and love my parents surrounded me with. I can only hope, I can surround this little wonder growing inside me with the same love and joy.

Watch “Light Beings Saved Her Life During Her Near Death Experience – Cassie 423” on YouTube

Watch “Light Beings Saved Her Life During Her Near Death Experience – Cassie 423” on YouTube

Embracing New Beginnings (YouTube)

Embracing New Beginnings (YouTube)

Hi all, today I go on a spiritual tangent about Embracing New Beginnings. Life always involves change. The way we handle and digest these changes ultimately brings forward the frequency and energies that can either enlighten or derail. Meditating on your spiritual foundations helps realign and recalibrate our soul and inner light.

Love, Light and Sage Blessings



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“Spirit Vs. Ego” YouTube

“Spirit Vs. Ego” YouTube

A think tank of spirituality….

A think tank of spirituality….

I have a goal, to create a group where people from all across the world can come together in spirituality.

There is no denying it.

We have all had great struggles within the last couple of years.

In this group I hope everyone will feel like they belong as they walk up the path of spirituality.

If interested, please join below…

Sending you all, love, light and sage blessings.


Beyond the veil

Beyond the veil

Amber orb-

soul ecaping-

upon an infinite veil,

slowly revealing-

the lightworkers beyond.

Pole-vaulting between-

Earth and beyond.



Frame by frame-

people scattered-

around and about.

Franticly talking.

Subtle sound-

Ringing phone.

Poking and prodding-

huddled about-

a staggered heartbeat.





for a beat.

Fleeting words-

said upon tear filled eyes.



‘I don’t want to die….’

Hands held tight-

grasping for the heart.

All goes darks.

Amber orb-

shines so bright.

The veil lifted.

Two light beings-

hands held together-

in prayer.



Embrace the orb.




the amber orb-

back down to their rightful being.

A gasp of life-

comes about.

beings of light-

shield the amber orb-

safely back to life.