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universal truth

Two souls entwined- their universal truth shines through. Pulsating passion endeavours through the skies. Light years- and- light years- their sparks journey through- lifetimes- over- lifetimes- chance and fate- play the stakes- juggling if fate- will bring them together. They hope always- longing to be reunited- to be entwined together- for when they join again,…Continue reading »

Her Feet

She looked at her feet- graciously she thanked them- for these feet- her feet. Have kept her steady and strong- for all she has seen- for all the heart ache she has felt. These feet- her feet- have guided her through- the labyrinths of life.

urchin metaphor

Here we go again- around the Merry-go-round. Repetitive, repetition. Doors shut tight. Curtains drawn shut. No joyous sounds around. No freedom out-and-about. Timed. Tired hearts- empty company. Let’s all hope. Such is hope?


Tired body- heavy eyes- creeping shut. Drifting, drifting, sleepy, sleep.

Ain’t got a clue

Ain’t got a clue- when in the blue. Shuffled thoughts- juggled mayhem. Never ceasing. Ain’t got a clue- when in the blue.


Lost, moments. Gone.


Illusions canvas the mind- misdirection from every direction- common beings foe. Fact and words- trigger the triggered. Hopefully hopeless. Tragically tragic.

Ponder on

She looks across to the horizon- swells of thought whirl along in rhythmic synchronicity- mimicking the waves that yonder on- and on. Reflecting. Thoughts and feelings? Or, may it just be- symbolism. Water. Reflection. Reflecting hidden emotions- reflecting back- at ourselves.


Warm whispering love. A gentle caress echoes. For I have found it.

#6 Stream of Consciousness

If we heard the world like we hear music, would we be so self absorbed? The sound of fear? ears would bleed. Screams echoing….echoing in ours speakers. Brainwashing. Repetition, constantly recycled, forever scrolling, moments blurry, missed memories forever haunting. Kindness? Barely. Self-entitled prima donnas. Hands over eyes, phones half way down our throats, choking, suffocating…Continue reading »


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