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All over yonder

Eucalyptus and dirt. Aromatic notes of the Australian bush. Lemon myrtle- teases the nostrils- a mysterious scent- hidden- amongst- fallen foliage. The daily hymn of birdsong- Echoes- caressesing all over yonder. Burnt orange sunsets- cloak over skies. Koalas gawk towards tree tops- challenging there foe. Lyrebirds gaggle their lying tune. Wind rustles through the gum…Continue reading »

#5 Stream of conciousness

Chances are all questions won’t have answers. The finite knowledge us human have as a collective is extraordinary minimal. To that of the universes. Yes! I said universes. Surely and most certainly there is more than one. I lean towards the side of infinite.


Nicotine. Caffeine. Aromatic sanity. Running through my veins.

#4 Stream of Conciousness

Dry hair. Humid air. Stillness canvases the night. Fan hums a serenade. Comforting, cooling, conquering the heat. Sleepy slumber, falling softly of to sleep. Dreams do come, this movie in the mind. Half asleep. Drifting softly. To yonder, I do wonder. Nightie night….


Sleepy shadows slither silently slow. Through thundering tunnels- an alienating atmosphere- aggressively alone. Hollowed hearts hide haphazardly. Fear follows fractured faces. Longing. Lonely. Lost liabilities. Problems profound. Searching souls, startle simplicity. Revolutions ruthlessly rile rigid raigems. Cultivating change.

No. 3. Stream of Conciousness.

Soft glow of phone, reflection in mirror. Dimly lit apocalypse. Chained in an ever encumbering stare. Always scrolling, never lonely. Sweet illusion, false idols, empty ideas. Money talks, faces made of plastic. Self absorbed, scripted alibis. Botox here. Botox there. Self-sacrifices are the norm for such a chance to remain a modern delusion.

Waking moments.

Morning haze. Sleep filled eyes. Motivation- lacking. Warmth eludes- a cold morning glare. Comforting- A warm beds embrace. Time- ticks on. Surrender. Sleep is here.


Jazzhop- tea drops- rain plots….ploddering along….sunken roof tops. Bliss. Be upon.


Whispering willow. Sunlight caresses the leaves. Hopeful warmth- bringer of life. Grateful.


Shimmering Summer- Dazed delights, dreams deliver. Fruitful fantasy.


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