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speak true, always!

Here we were, hundreds and thousands of us. Marching side by side, as we rumbled for our freedom. Our echo’s bellowed, evoloping the streets surrounding Parliament House. Our hearts poured raw, our spirits tears comforted the sacred land we stood upon. Our tribe complete, but always welcoming, everyone from near and far. Standing in unity…Continue reading »


Remember….remember…Victoria We are descendants of Bush Rangers. We are strong. We are many. We will be triumphant through our struggles. Remember….remember…Victoria. We are descendants of Bush Rangers. We are strong. We are many.

Time did speak

Why cry? When you can laugh. Jollied Time itself. Seconds still sway on. Present moments- speak the only truth. For the past is a fickle duel- between a rose tinted haze. The future is dream. An ever present memory.

presently perplexing…

A dull reflection of our past- trickles down the spine- pools of doubt and chaos- accumulates below. Truth and wisdom muffled out. Devils tongue- manipulating minds A dull reflection- presently perplexing.

astral plead

If the clouds could whisper, upon thy cheek. Etched memories of time reflect a rose tinted glare. Shallow thought do quiver, when storms brew with fear. Chaos juggles north. The mind glides east. Voices heard, are twisted vines. Restraining. Restricting. The third eye weeps. These astral planes- plead to be seen.


Two hundred plus days- Melbourne has been separated. Two hundred plus days. Over half a year- longing- to be reunited. Over half a year- Saint Paul’s cathedral bells- have sung a lonesome hymm- Echoing empty streets. Under the clocks of Flinders Street Station- a shadowless shell of what was. Two-hundred plus days- Unable to hug…Continue reading »

motivation #1

Every little moment you have to yourself. Make it a moment for yourself. -TLEofCassie


Sheltered storms- rumbling walls. Clouds hue to grey- upon- lightening cracked veins. Static air lingers. Warmth- silhouettes- within the home. Sheltered- storms.

Coffee Q.

Waiting- scrolling- through her phone. Cash register- pinging- in- and out. Queue. Person ahead- uncroaking their croak. Words stubble out- from the croaked. Soy- decaf- caramel half strength- latte…. please. Waiting- scrolling- through her phone. She rolls her eyes- In dismay.


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