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astral plead

If the clouds could whisper, upon thy cheek. Etched memories of time reflect a rose tinted glare. Shallow thought do quiver, when storms brew with fear. Chaos juggles north. The mind glides east. Voices heard, are twisted vines. Restraining. Restricting. The third eye weeps. These astral planes- plead to be seen.


Two hundred plus days- Melbourne has been separated. Two hundred plus days. Over half a year- longing- to be reunited. Over half a year- Saint Paul’s cathedral bells- have sung a lonesome hymm- Echoing empty streets. Under the clocks of Flinders Street Station- a shadowless shell of what was. Two-hundred plus days- Unable to hug…Continue reading »

motivation #1

Every little moment you have to yourself. Make it a moment for yourself. -TLEofCassie


Sheltered storms- rumbling walls. Clouds hue to grey- upon- lightening cracked veins. Static air lingers. Warmth- silhouettes- within the home. Sheltered- storms.

Coffee Q.

Waiting- scrolling- through her phone. Cash register- pinging- in- and out. Queue. Person ahead- uncroaking their croak. Words stubble out- from the croaked. Soy- decaf- caramel half strength- latte…. please. Waiting- scrolling- through her phone. She rolls her eyes- In dismay.

Top 5 Tips/\Inner Peace

Some time we all get lost in the hussle and bussle of our lives. Planning and dividing our time between everything else but ourselves. Ultimately concluding to us feeling drained,worn out and lacking inner peace. Hence, why I’m writing this little tid bit. I myself have a tendency to over plan and deplete my energy…Continue reading »

Pale Burgers

Dear Gluten I miss you. I didn’t know how much I would miss you till we parted ways. Soft as a cloud burger buns- now replaced with saw dust fibres- carving up my mouth. Gluten- How I miss you. Doughnuts? More like Dough Not. In this day and age. Gluten, Why did you break up…Continue reading »

#8? Stream of conciousness

Lakeside view, pelicans glide along the stillness of the water. Damp sea grass taints the delicate breeze. Little dog taps along, sniffing and snuffing questionable things. Clouds flow above, breaking every now and then to let the sun sneak through. Jet skis buzz whilst the boats do hum. Rolling hills ever varying shades of green….Continue reading »

salt & sand

Salt tangled hair- damp bathers cling against skin. The seat-belts metal tongue leaves a scalding imprint. Grains of sand dabble throughout the car. Bare feet scatter across sun drenched asphalt. Fish and chips linger within the ocean breeze. Seagulls beg and pine for a chip or two. Ice-cream seeps along sunburnt arms. Sun shies away…Continue reading »


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