Two. Stream of Consciousness

Two. Stream of Consciousness

Lights, ambient. Such ambience. Escapism at its finest. Slowly, gently. Peace flow through.

Freely….ever freely. Wandering, wonder what wonders way weightless ahead.

Blink. Blink. Brutal battles brace bravely beyond.

Caught, countess, calmly clings. Claw, clawing coward.

Rivers rapidly rally repeatedly ruthless.

Fear, finding, failure frightful fellow.

Strength strides selflessly. Stronger shall she shine.


For You….

For You….

Dearest You….

Yes, you.

I compose to you-

In this written form.


Where ever you may be-

Upon reading these words-

Canvassed out before you.

That you-



Have a Merry Christmas-


Happy Holidays.

Although I have never met you-

You are important.

In the depths of my soul-

I sincerely hope-

That you-



Have blessed-




Love, Light & Sage Blessings,


Natures Glimpse-Archive 12? 2013

Natures Glimpse-Archive 12? 2013

Sun rays seep through the canopies of the trees. As the lush green leaves sway elegantly dancing with the warm breeze.

The air is fresh without a taint of pollution, just the scent of gum leaves fills the air.

The birds whistle their song. A serenade to Mother Nature.

An array of butterflies tango with one another, flying from one flower to another.

The tranquil sound of a flowing creek echos through out, creating a peaceful ambiance. The water sparkles like a million diamonds as the sunlight warmly embraces it.

In the distance mountains sit upon the horizon, each one with their own unique earthly structure.

Hopeful Gallop-Archive #9 2014

Hopeful Gallop-Archive #9 2014

On his horse-

He did ride-

Stallion with silvery mane-

Knight with silver armour.

On his horse he did ride-

Fearful eyes-

Saddened soul.

Determined he was-

To save his lovers heart.

On his horse-

He did ride.

With every gallop-

Hope did seem near-

And by her side he would be.

Many suns did set-

And many moons did shine.

On his horse-

He did ride.

Once at his lovers destination-


 the only thing around-

All that stood was a lone stone-

And withered flower.

On his horse-

He did ride-

Mane and armour-

Now tarnished silver.

Worn and torn both man and horse-

Now they wait for time-

Where lovers shall meet-

Once more.