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Beyond the veil

Amber orb- soul ecaping- upon an infinite veil, slowly revealing- the lightworkers beyond. Pole-vaulting between- Earth and beyond. Ringing- ringing. Frame by frame- people scattered- around and about. Franticly talking. Subtle sound- Ringing phone. Poking and prodding- huddled about- a staggered heartbeat. Ringing- ringing. Gasping- gasping- for a beat. Fleeting words- said upon tear filled…Continue reading »

Ankling on #2 News Years Morning-Welcome 2022♡

It has been two or so weeks since I returned from hospital. My broken ankle and surgery to which I graciously adopted a plate and several screws into my ankle has not set in as much. The feeling of a material that was part of the great industrial revolution in Australia, feel ever so foreign…Continue reading »

Ankling On #1

Yesterday, as the Melbourne Aussie Summer heat sweltered on. I returned home, from a week long stay hospital (spicy!) How did this occur? You may ponder. Well a week ago, I was roller-skating around a large pier in Melbourne. The wind was fresh, salt sprinkled the air- softly dabbling my skin. Mother natures kiss- turned…Continue reading »