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Slow thoughts- pondering mind. Eyes closed- heart open- soul speaks- inner secrets- creep on through- self aware cracks. Solidifying- into- a though exterior.

universal truth

Two souls entwined- their universal truth shines through. Pulsating passion endeavours through the skies. Light years- and- light years- their sparks journey through- lifetimes- over- lifetimes- chance and fate- play the stakes- juggling if fate- will bring them together. They hope always- longing to be reunited- to be entwined together- for when they join again,…Continue reading »

Her Feet

She looked at her feet- graciously she thanked them- for these feet- her feet. Have kept her steady and strong- for all she has seen- for all the heart ache she has felt. These feet- her feet- have guided her through- the labyrinths of life.