Latest words from TLEofCassie

Parentless Pregnancy

Pregnancy. A time of joy, excitement and anticipation in meeting your little one. Although an empty void does carry along with me on this journey. The void of being parentless. A bittersweet voyage ahead, where the footsteps of my parents no longer walk beside me in this vast path of life. As happiness elates me…

Jazz speaks true

Ever so elegantly she tapa her red lacquered nails in time with soft jazz that caresses each and everyone’s ears. Soft lighting of lust and ambience entwines every crevice and corner throughout this quaint jazz commune. The saxophone resonates through and through- each note erotically encompassing the ears. Aromatic clouds of jazz cigarettes and smoked…

real lies

She thought in solemn wonder- angled ideals- fragmented views. slowly dripping- invading cracks and crevices of the ego. Shattered glass- eerie motif- running through time. The dagger of truth- permeates the mind. Realisation- begins with realising.