Latest words from TLEofCassie

All over yonder

Eucalyptus and dirt. Aromatic notes of the Australian bush. Lemon myrtle- teases the nostrils- a mysterious scent- hidden- amongst- fallen foliage. The daily hymn of birdsong- Echoes- caressesing all over yonder. Burnt orange sunsets- cloak over skies. Koalas gawk towards tree tops- challenging there foe. Lyrebirds gaggle their lying tune. Wind rustles through the gum…Continue reading »

#5 Stream of conciousness

Chances are all questions won’t have answers. The finite knowledge us human have as a collective is extraordinary minimal. To that of the universes. Yes! I said universes. Surely and most certainly there is more than one. I lean towards the side of infinite.


Nicotine. Caffeine. Aromatic sanity. Running through my veins.